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I will be 63 in August. Helen has been professionally and artfully restoring my face since last March. Had I known about Helen and nano-plasma before then I would have started seeing Helen years ago.

To date Helen has plasma treated my face and under chin. My jowls are gone, my overhung eyelids are receding, the flaps under my chin are greatly reduced and the skin in front of my ears no longer looks like a wrinkled shirt. The lines between my brows and around my mouth are much tighter and softer looking. My upper lip is smooth.

Helen has also corrected my tattoo makeup. Before my brows and liner were dark and harsh due to hard, uneven lines. Helen extended my liner to add dimension to my eyes and “powdered” the liner all around to give me a softer, younger look. She lightened my brows with plasma treatments, then corrected the shape, length and “powdered” the brow outlines to soften the hard lines. Helen also corrected my lips; they are now full and symmetrical.

For my brows, liner and lips, Helen designed custom colours that best suit me. The results are Vogue worthy. Had I known about Helen before I would not have gone anywhere else. I will continue to see Helen for regular maintenance and to enjoy her fun and fabulous personality which equals her skills.


~ Lynn for Helen

I’m so happy with my eyebrows! Maria did a great job and really made sure I was getting what I wanted! They look very natural and match my eyebrow colour (what was left) and skin tone!
I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to have their eyebrows microbladed.

~ Sarah

Helen is restoring this antique. I was ready to submit to surgery when I discovered nano-plasma and Helen. Renovations began several weeks ago; I am a work in progress.and very pleased with the emerging results. Helen is an artist!

~ LG

Getting permanent ink brows and eye liner was not at all on my bucket list. Thank you to a wonderful daughter who blessed me with an early Mother’s Day session with Maria. So much fun and I’m loving the results (even though it’s only day 5). Thank you so much, Maria.

~ Marg

Maria did my brows on September 5, 2017 and I could not be happier. The session was painless and totally enjoyed chatting with her while she worked on my brows. My brows are almost perfect, just a little touch up are all they need but I am very happy with the result. I will definitely recommend Maria.

~ VB

I went to see Maria after doing a lot of research about microblading in Calgary. After my experience I can say she was awesome! I went in with uneven thin straight brows and came out with nicely shaped even brows and I couldn’t be more happy. She listened to what I wanted and provided excellent recommendations. She asked for my input multiple times throughout the procedure and make sure I was 100% happy with my new brows! The procedure didn’t hurt at all and she was very professional! So great!

~ AA

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thank you Maria!

This review is long overdue, but I cannot even begin to explain how happy I am with my micro bladed eyebrows!

I was never overly comfortable with the idea of someone “tattooing” my face, but after meeting Maria, she made me extremely comfortable as she is very talented and highly knowledgeable w/ the subject. Maria is definitely a perfectionist and gave me suggestions and made adjustments throughout the process, giving me the perfect shape and color for my face. The studio is very clean and organized and she ensures you are aware and understand all aftercare protocol to help you get the best results during/after the healing process.
I did require 2 touch ups after the initial appointment (my skin does not hold ink well as I am well aware from prior tattoos), but she was very accommodating and encouraged me to continue to come back until I was 100% satisfied with the results – my eyebrows are absolutely perfect now!

Pain is roughly a 2/10 – a numbing cream is applied before procedure.
The healing process takes roughly 4 weeks – for the first 2 weeks my eyebrows were extremely dark and scabby (which is normal), but after the scab falls off – pure perfection.

I would highly recommend Maria – she definitely is the Queen of permanent makeup! She also has a very bubbly/friendly personality making the overall process extremely pleasant.
Thank you again 🙂

~ Rachel B

Maria did my eyebrows and I could not be happier with the result;much better than I had envisioned.On top of it all,Maria was very pleasant,friendly and professional.Natalie at the front desk is very welcoming as well.
I highly recommend Maria for her excellent work.

~ Amy

Maria is exceptionally professional and friendly. I had platinum blonde eyebrows that were thin and sparse. My initial appointment was wonderful and 4 weeks later I received a touch up to achieve my spectacular results!!! I would recommend Maria to anyone who wants amazing micro pigmented eyebrows and quality that surpasses my expectations. Thank you again Maria!!!

~ Daphne M

Maria’s work is very precise and she knows how to accentuate your features with shape and color. She is very knowledgeable and thoughtful during the process ensuring your comfort at all times. I have been to a few technicians for permanent makeup and there is absolutely no comparison! The office is very professional and it’s so nice to see Dr. Barber take an interest in Maria’s patients and the final outcome. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Maria to even the most cautious person or someone considering permanent makeup. Maria’s love for helping people feel beautiful is evident!

~ Jodie Graden

I just had my upper eyeliner completed by Maria. I was really nervous as this was a big decision and I wanted it done perfectly. Maria is very professional and did a wonderful job – I’m so happy with the results. She took the time to make sure I was comfortable and we both understood each other completely and I ended up with the eyeliner exactly how I wanted it. Thank you Maria.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Maria if you want an excellent job done!

~ Michelle Bauer

This review is long overdue as I flew into Calgary at the recommendation of my surgeon in Beverly Hills fall of 2015. Permanent Ink Clinic was worth the trip (also a great excuse to visit another Canadian city) The clinic is immaculate. Greeting staff and reception were friendly and welcoming. Maria is a doll, friendly and cheerful. She was so careful and meticulous in drawing my make up. I expected to feel some pain, but I did not feel any more than a light scratch. The eyebrows are my favourite and so beautiful. I receive compliments on them all the time. My eyeline looks perfect. I experienced some swelling on my lips the next day, but it only looks like I had filler heehee the ladies were jealous. The make up still looks fresh and I feel beautiful every minute of the day. Thank you Pink Clinic.

~ Alley M

I had an amazing job done on my eyebrows. Highly recommend you come here. Service and cleanliness is A+. Precision and skill is amazing. Absolutely the same as going to a Spa!! 🙂

~ Lisa Hull

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to always have perfect eyeliner no matter what the situation; raining, swimming, itchy or just waking up.! Especially as a mature woman, perfect eyeliner is impossible to keep. So let me be clear all, if your thinking about getting it done this is the place to go.!!! Oh also with her new anesthetic I felt little to no pain, for real.!!!
Thank you so very much Maria.! You really are the best.!!!

~ Cristi Augart

Went to see Maria today to get my eyebrows tattoed and she did such an amazing job!! She is professional and makes you feel comfortable even if you’re super nervous! I will recommend her to everyone without any doubt, my eyebrows have never look this great ever! Thank you so much Maria!

~ Melanie Fontaine

I had my upper eyeliner done by Maria!
It was a great experience as she ensures you are very comfortable, was not painful at all!
She is a true professional and I love waking up in the morning not having to worry about putting on my eyeliner!
I highly recommend her services and will definitely go back!

~ Amanda Lindberg

Had my eyebrows done 3 weeks ago by Maria. Love them, she did an excellent job. She is very professional.

~ Susan W

I had my eyebrows tattooed by Maria in February 2016. I have to say that Maria did a wonderful job making the whole experience nothing but comfortable and positive. I used to have a misconception that it is a very painful procedure, but my experience was the total opposite. I could hardly feel any pain at all and the result was perfect! I only needed one touch up 4 weeks after the initial procedure to obtain a pair of perfect eyebrows. I would not hesitate to recommend Maria to any of my friends considering micro-pigmentation. Thank you, Maria!

~ Christine