Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that attacks hair growth. It can affect just the scalp, or the entire body including eyebrows and eyelashes.   Anyone – men, woman and children can experience Alopecia.  Majority of people with Alopecia will lose their hair within a very short time frame causing a devastating image change

PInk Outreach was founded by Maria Wu, Micropigmentation Specialist of Permanent Ink Clinic in Calgary, Canada – In hopes to provide semi permanent cosmetic options to children and teens. The doors are open for consultation and support with or without parental consent.  Appearance is an essential part of ones overall identity. Extreme hair loss can be stressful to anyone, it can effect self esteem and confidence, it can effect your relationships at work and home.
PInk Outreach funds micropigmentation procedures to anyone diagnosed with Alopecia. Teenagers and children receive 100% funding, while adults receive a compassionate rate.

Sherie was referred to Permanent Ink Clinic by her family doctor in NE Calgary.    My first impression of Sherie was “WOW, this girl has a smile that GLOWS!”
We sat in my office and she cheerfully said “I want eyebrows again”.       She told me that she lost her hair at the age of 13 nearly over night. Overwhelmed with sadness, she hid at home and refused to go outside.   Her parents didn’t know how to help her but encouraged her not to hide.  After a week of crying, she managed to gather enough courage to wear a wig and go to school.   Facing the world with no hair challenged her tremendously. Schoolmates constantly asked why she had no hair, why she wore a wig, someone even tried to pull her hairpiece off. She refused to entertain them and would not answer their questions. But in reality, she had no answer for herself.

Sheries parents eventually brought her to see a dermatologist who diagnosed her with Alopecia. For a few years, they tried several different methods to stimulate her hair growth but were unsuccessful.     Sherie knew the only alternative was to accept herself and her Alopecia. She began to answer peoples questions, she began to stand up for herself.    She was no longer in hiding, and it was then that she gained friends and support from our community.

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