It was amazing working with this beautiful young lady who was born with Cleft lip and palate. She lived with the scars all her life and shares her story with the world in hopes to give others some inspiration.

Watch her story here:

The day we filmed this segment, Kristen’s mother came to the clinic to show her support. Mom told me this was the first time she heard of the hardship Kristen had gone through in school. I felt her heart squeeze for that moment and I felt the sadness that her daughter had to go through silently.

Permanent make up has been available for decades, but cleft scar camouflaging is difficult procedure to perfect. It requires science to master the results.  Thankfully, working along side of Dr. Kirk Barber, Dermatologist of Calgary, we were able to perfect this skill and create shape with ink retention for majority of our patients.

Permanent Ink Clinic and Dr. Kirk Barber offers free lip color treatments to teens and children who have post cleft scars.  Find out more at