at least twice a week, someone inquires about tattooing over vitiligo area.   I have had some success, which is why I still offer the treatment to my patients.     In my experience, the face and neck has better success than the hand or forearm and calf.   Results really vary deepening on each individual. Some people accept the pigments better than others. Unfortunately, this treatment is suitable for everyone, and we cannot even guess if it is successful, which is why I always recommend a test area be done first, (its around $100)   This take 30 minutes, and gives both the patient and I an idea of how well the colour will stay after 3 weeks.  The patient can then decide if the treatment time and cost is worthwhile.   Best thing to do is book a consultation and meet with me, (maria) so we can go over pro’s and con’s of the treatment, also discuss other options for Vitiligo.