What to look for when seeking the
best permanent makeup clinic and technician in Calgary
The permanent makeup industry is growing in popularity, we are beginning to see nail salons and aesthetic beauty parlours offer permanent cosmetic services. Especially the popular Eyebrow tattoo (also known as microblading / microstroking / eyebrow feathering )This raises a lot of concerns for the ethics community and health care professionals. Unfortunately, it will take a long time before standard protocol and guidelines are regulated and enforced.
In the meantime, educating the public is our only hope. Dr Kirk Barber of Calgary Dermatology started PInk Permanent Ink Clinic to provide a safe place for patients to receive permanent makeup. 

When researching for the best permanent make up technician in Calgary; It is important to understand the following;

-The procedure deals with blood and opening skin. At minimum, Blood borne pathogens course should be taken by the technician, basic cross contamination prevention skills should be practiced
-All materials touching skin should be one time use and disposable. CLEAN Clinic, CLEAN procedure 
-Technician should be meticulous in details. I believe this is proven by the basic website, company logo, consent forms, professional staff and the portfolio of client photographs 
-Portfolio should be readily available to showcase experience of the technicians skills. Looking for quality and style of the permanent makeup tattoo as well as consistent photographs. (same background/ lighting etc) Now a days, we can copy cut and paste photos easily online. MANY permanent makeup technicians illegally copy other people’s work to use in their own portfolio, this is stealing and lying to clients. I have had several cases of ladies crying to me because their scarred faces were done by a inexperienced technician who had showed them beautiful portfolio 

– Quality ink! This is so important! Bad ink can cause allergies which require surgical extraction or oxidization of colour and change your eyebrows to a lime green or red.  There is a lot of counterfeit ink on the market to date. I see at least 2 patients a month with this problem. Unfortunately it is difficult to tell counterfeit from the real product. perhaps we have to judge by the professionalism of the technician and follow your gut instinct. Do you feel this person is willing to spend the money for the safety of the client? 

-You get what you pay for. My professor told me, “Clean is costly”. Premium quality materials cost more than counterfeit junk. The price you pay should reflect the quality of the materials used and the clinics values. This is not always the case, do keep in mind that inexperienced technicians can also charge more and not deliver the expected service. Technician should always be advancing their skills and staying leaders in the industry. Experience is important, but not when the technician stuck in the 80s 

In conclusion, Don’t settle for anything other than the best! 
Maria Wu, Permanent Ink Clinic 

 510,1100 1 street SE Calgary