Thank you for your inquiry and interest in PInk Clinic and our permanent make up Eyebrows are the easiest and most popular procedure we offer. 
The ink is selected with your hair colour, skin tone (and undertones) in mind. I’ve worked with the same pigment for 5 years and know the colour and its retention very well, it guarantees that it won’t change once applied to skin. Meaning, you won’t have pink or blue eyebrows in the future. This is an extremely important factor to consider when deciding where to go for permanent makeup as many color changing inks are in the market, and many inexperienced technicians use them. 

we would choose the color and shape together during the consultation potion of the 1.5 hour session. 

Side effects are redness on and around the area for 1 hour after treatment. The rest of the side effects do not apply if we pass medical history (main concern is allergies)
I’ll go over aftercare and provide you with a take home list of ‘things to expect’ after the procedure.
Eyebrows are extremely important! Because of that, I will always have your approval before I do anything permanent on you. We will work together as a team to draw your eyebrows in hair by hair. With your guidance and my expertise, we won’t make a mistake. 
The eyebrow hair stroke procedure is really the way to go! It’s extremely natural looking and you won’t look like you have make up or tattoo. 

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Please feel free to email if you have more questions. 
Thank you 

Maria Wu 

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Hi Maria,

I am interested in getting my eyebrow done but I have a few questions. How do you go about selecting the right eyebrow shape and color? Is this done during the hour and a half session? 

What are the side effects?

What about after care and what to expect?

I am very nervous about this, as it’s such an important feature I don’t want it to look fake?

Thank you,