So excited to have found a brand that values the same quality of service and perfection as I do for Permanent Ink Clinic.

My domestic car passed its 10 year birthday this year, I was sad to know it was time to start planning another purchase. I dreaded the thought of test driving and negotiating, but my car was starting to hint it was near retirement and my kids were reminding me on a daily basis.

Weekend after weekend, my husband dragged me out to dealerships around Calgary to shop.  It was draining for both of us as I couldn’t make a decision. All I wanted was to continue driving my existing car.  But as soon as I saw the Tesla model S, I knew it was the one. Before test driving it, I already knew it was perfect! So much that I wanted to brand it with PInk Clinic logo and show it off.

Tesla is not only green and futuristic, its core business values are a like my own for  Permanent Ink Clinic.  Always striving for perfection and quality work. Stay ahead and be the best in the industry.

As a professional,  I deliver quality products and workmanship to each of my patients and I try my very best to deliver perfection.

Just for fun, I’ll share the vision I had below for graphics – my sketch is embarrassing, but it’s a good laugh to see what I put my designer through. Hiring a professional to do what they are good at goes a long way. Im very good at cosmetic tattooing, nothing else really.   I asked Nikki at Fetching Finn Calgary to design my car, create the graphics and make my vision into reality.

Maria Wu at Permanent Ink Clinic

Calgary Institute of Plastic Surgery
510, 1100 1 street SE Calgary Alberta

(403) 286-4263