Most common horror stories of permanent makeup include Color changing ink. This is when we see salmon pink tattoo eyebrows or green-blue tattoo eyebrows and eyeliner. 

All too often I hear… “how does this happen? It looked fantastic last year and all of a sudden the color has changed to a neon pink!”   Well, this problem come straight from the source. There are so many types of ink available to us technicians, you can find as easily as a click of a button on eBay. And they range from one dollar to $60 a bottle.  

If you don’t know what you’re using on your patients, Best not to tattoo at all!  It may look good today, but it won’t look good in the future.

Permanent ink clinic only uses one brand of tattoo ink that is specifically produced for micro pigmentation and permanent cosmetics. The manufacture has gone through rigorous testing and studies to prove It will not change in color. 

When I first started looking for a tattoo pigment to use, it was very difficult to find one that I trusted. Kolorsource has been the only brand that provided me with a product and ingredient list, had back up patient research studies and production overseen by a anesthesiologist and dermatologist in the USA. 

Here is a photograph of an eyebrow correction PInk Clinic completed to cover up a permanent eyebrow.     The old tattoo eyebrow was completed in Calgary and had turned pink within a year.    Get the best eyebrow tattoo in Calgary at Permanent Ink Clinic