Micropigmentation, or, as it’s more commonly known, permanent make-up, is a great solution for anyone who cannot, or has difficulty using traditional forms of make-up. Conditions such as arthritis, limited range of motion, or even cataracts, can make it tough for women to apply make-up correctly, and safely.

With a single procedure, permanent make-up can be completed, and the task of having to apply eye-liner or lip-liner daily is no longer necessary. For someone who wishes to wear make-up but has problems applying it, this can be the perfect solution. Once permanent make-up is applied, you no longer have to worry about touching up, as there will be no smudging or fading. Your permanent make-up will not wash off in the swimming pool, or after showering. Upon waking up in the morning, you will already have the majority of your cosmetics routine already completed!

For individuals who face challenges in their application of daily make-up, investing in the procedure of micropigmentation can be a time-saving, and stress-free way to still wear the same make-up they’ve always worn, but with less hassle.