CONGRATULATIONS on your permanent  


The healing process is just as important as the procedure itself.  

Follow the instructions given and hopefully, your skin and ink will cooperate and we are able to achieve the desired results!
Do not wash the area for 48 hours! 

use cold compress and moisturize as often as you please to relieve any discomfort.

Do not apply: 

-polysporin or any acne creams and cleansers 

-Week 1-

A scab will form and begin to peel in small tiny flakes. The skin may feel itchy and dry. 

*do not pick or peel!* Whenever you feel like scratching, just moisturize again! 
-Week 2- 

Once the scabs have peeled off, it is absolutely normal to see uneven or patchy color and shape.    Keep Calm and Smile! 

-Week 3 – 

The pigment should be evened out and looking perfect by the third week! 

You can now enjoy your permanent make up! 
Thank you for choosing Pink clinic! 
see you back in a few years for a color boost! 

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