AFTER CARE information for permanent eyebrow tattoo
Important *Avoid products that contain retinA, salicylic acids, glycolic acids, polysporins and peroxides for 14 days

Eyebrows: The treated area will be 20% darker than the target color. Some may appear ‘reddish coloured’

1-2 days post treatment:

Avoid washing and rubbing the area for the first two days. Apply cold compress to help with any swelling or tenderness. Moisturize as you please. You may apply makeup on the area to ‘tone the color down’ the next day.

3-5 days post treatment:

Keep the area clean and moisturize with approved products. Shower/bath as you would regularly. Avoid prolong water exposure such as swimming and steam rooms during this time.

5-7 days post treatment:

The area should be dry and ‘flaky’. Continue your regular shower/bath routine and do not to peel or pick at the skin. It is normal for the color to appear too light and or uneven. Wash as you would regularly and keep moisturized. The surface color may start flaking off.

14-18 days post treatment: Your skin should be healed and you can see the final results! If you need a touch up, call or email the clinic for an appointment. 


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