LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thank you Maria!

This review is long overdue, but I cannot even begin to explain how happy I am with my micro bladed eyebrows!

I was never overly comfortable with the idea of someone “tattooing” my face, but after meeting Maria, she made me extremely comfortable as she is very talented and highly knowledgeable w/ the subject. Maria is definitely a perfectionist and gave me suggestions and made adjustments throughout the process, giving me the perfect shape and color for my face. The studio is very clean and organized and she ensures you are aware and understand all aftercare protocol to help you get the best results during/after the healing process.
I did require 2 touch ups after the initial appointment (my skin does not hold ink well as I am well aware from prior tattoos), but she was very accommodating and encouraged me to continue to come back until I was 100% satisfied with the results – my eyebrows are absolutely perfect now!

Pain is roughly a 2/10 – a numbing cream is applied before procedure.
The healing process takes roughly 4 weeks – for the first 2 weeks my eyebrows were extremely dark and scabby (which is normal), but after the scab falls off – pure perfection.

I would highly recommend Maria – she definitely is the Queen of permanent makeup! She also has a very bubbly/friendly personality making the overall process extremely pleasant.
Thank you again 🙂