I will be 63 in August. Helen has been professionally and artfully restoring my face since last March. Had I known about Helen and nano-plasma before then I would have started seeing Helen years ago.

To date Helen has plasma treated my face and under chin. My jowls are gone, my overhung eyelids are receding, the flaps under my chin are greatly reduced and the skin in front of my ears no longer looks like a wrinkled shirt. The lines between my brows and around my mouth are much tighter and softer looking. My upper lip is smooth.

Helen has also corrected my tattoo makeup. Before my brows and liner were dark and harsh due to hard, uneven lines. Helen extended my liner to add dimension to my eyes and “powdered” the liner all around to give me a softer, younger look. She lightened my brows with plasma treatments, then corrected the shape, length and “powdered” the brow outlines to soften the hard lines. Helen also corrected my lips; they are now full and symmetrical.

For my brows, liner and lips, Helen designed custom colours that best suit me. The results are Vogue worthy. Had I known about Helen before I would not have gone anywhere else. I will continue to see Helen for regular maintenance and to enjoy her fun and fabulous personality which equals her skills.