Hi Maria, My eyeliner has come off now, but the tattoo colour is very light and some areas don’t have colour. You told me that I should expect some changes while the tattoo is healing, But what should I do? Can I come in to see you for a touch up today?

Maria’s Response;

It is absolutely normal to see lighter and patchy uneven eyeliner colour at this time!
This is the time line to expect:

– ‘scabs’ flake off (takes about a week) eyeliner may appear uneven or patchy

– the ‘new skin’ that formed under the tattoo is dense and light to white in colour (2nd week)

– The new skin will begin to exfoliate and the colour will show through (2-3 weeks)
-Eyeliner make up will become darker and more even toned

If you need a touch up, we can freshen the colour in 4 weeks! Don’t come back for a touch up any earlier, as the skin needs time to heal and you don’t actually see the final results till 3-4 weeks after your initial procedure.  In the mean time, please keep up with moisturizing the eyelids and don’t pick or peel the skin!

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