Someone had her permanent make up done in Vietnam:
My lips have always been pink, however after my trip to Vietnam
2 years ago, my upper lip and my outer bottom lip has gone darker
I am just wondering if your clinic can bring back my
natural lip
colour or make my natural lip colour all around match. And for my
I have semi-permanate makeup done in Vietnam, however it is now
Does your clinic fill eyebrows using strokes (make it look like
eyebrow hair)
instead of just filling it all in colour? 
PInk Clinic Response
Hello, I can match your EXACT natural lip colour to camouflage the darkened areas. Lip liner is the most popular lip procedure. Because we can give definition and fullness to the lip without it looking like a lip line! 
Eyebrow touch ups can be easily done with hair strokes – that is what most choose to do now for a more natural appearance.
Please see our Facebook page for photos for some of the corrective work we do.
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Maria Wu
Calgary, Alberta PInk Clinic