Men and woman with low set brow bones or heavy eyelids whom are in search of a non surgical ‘eyebrow pick me up’ should explore the option of permanent makeup to help enhance their eyebrows and eyes. Only in the past few years, (since 2010) Permanent eyebrows have begun to build a more welcoming reputation. Technology has improved tremendously since the traditional eyebrow tattoo.   We are now able to create fine here strokes that replicate natural eyebrows. It gives the appearance of real natural eyebrows in a 2D format. 

Maria Wu, of PInk Permanent Ink Clinic will carefully place hair strokes on your brow bone to create a natural look that will enhance features and create that desired brow lift.   The procedure is one and a half hours long.  Men and women from Canada and the USA have been seeking permanent tattoo from Maria as a preliminary option before going under the knife. 

The cost of an eyebrow tattoo is a fraction of the costs of surgery, and has zero down time. It is also semipermanent, providing the option to change eyebrow shapes as one pleases. The ink used at pink clinic will not change in color and is MRI safe. Their Calgary Clinic is located in the keynote building in Victoria park near the stampede grounds. Phone number is 5872334096