Had my eyebrows done yesterday by Maria – what an easy, painless, and perfect experience! I’ve been spreading the word for the past 24 hours because I TRULY believe that full, shaped brows not only look perfectly polished, but they take years off. I’m even convinced I look skinnier because now the focus is on my eyes!
I have seen so many new brow and micropigmentation services popping up, lately. I also see the work Maria posts that shows the clients that come to her with botched jobs to fix. If you are hesitating on value or comparing prices…STOP. This is YOUR FACE and it’s worth investing in someone with tons of experience operating out of a safe clinic environment. Don’t take chances and end up with “face remorse”. 😉

Thank you for the beautiful work, Maria. You are a pro and a true talent. I would trust nobody but you!

Nikki, thank you for taking the time to write a testimonial for us! So happy that you enjoyed the Microblading procedure for your eyebrows!  Love it! 

Maria and the PInk Clinic team