Dear Maria.
I have surgical scar from a facelift. Plastic Surgeon was very good at keeping the scar thin, but there is still white and noticeable. I would like to cover it with tattoo
Because I am not from Canada and living now in Israel,
what is your recommendation to me to find a proper micropimentation tattoo studio here , what should I ask them and check in their studio

Thank you


Hello Adam

Thank you for your inquiry on micropigmentation to cover post surgical Facial Scar.

I highly recommend a test area (or two) be completed before you make a decision. The technician can add color to a very small area of the skin and monitor the results for 4 weeks before committing to the entire area of concern.

Benefits of a test area visit:
– Provides the technician a better understanding of what color and technique to use for your specific skin.
– Provides you with an idea of his/her style,
-You would familiarize yourself with the procedure and learn about the healing process
– Find out if micropigmentation technique will provide you with enough color to camoflauge the area

From my experience, not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure. The skin needs to hold just enough ink that it doesnt look fake and the color needs to be a near-perfect match.
Being conservative is the best approach to eliminate permanent damage and dissatisfaction.

Worst case is that the ink does not retain. We would much rather add color than remove.
Find someone who will take the time to test ink with your skin. Even if it costs you more time and money, it is worth the outcome.

All the best,

Maria Wu

Calgary Institute of Plastic Surgery
510, 1100 1 street SE Calgary Alberta

(403) 286-4263