There are many reasons why being diagnosed with cancer, and subsequently enduring invasive cancer treatment is life-changing. An individual’s body can experience many different changes during this difficult time. These changes may include things such as:



-Decreased muscle mass

-Memory loss

-Loss of body hair

Some of these side effects of cancer-treatment are not visible, while others are immediately noticeable. While some individuals may be more comfortable with some of the physical changes that occur during cancer treatment, there are others who will lose some of their confidence. Knowing that there are options out there for those who wish to regain some of their physical aspects that cancer treatment may have taken away is a comforting thought to those living with cancer.

Micropigmentation is a perfect option for those who have eyebrows or eyelashes due to invasive cancer treatment. Eyebrows can be drawn on, and eyeliner can be applied via micropigmentation that can restore and enhance the appearance of eyebrows & eyes. Additionally, micropigmentation can be utilized to create the visual appearance of areolas if they have been removed due to surgery such as mastectomy. These procedures are long-lasting, safe, and effective. They can help restore a sense of normalcy after what is a disruptive and challenging period in people who have been diagnosed with cancer’s lives.

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