Hello Pink Clinic

I got your information from the facebook . I am really interested to get permanent eyebrows done,  but mt skin is very sensitive and I get skin allergy and rash very easy . I need to get your professional opinion . Should I take a chance . What are the chances to have reaction on the skin based on your experience . Please let me know so I can decide if I should get it done or not .
best regards
Our response:
Thank you for your inquiry,
Permanent make up is great for people with sensitive skin and make up allergies. But we have refused people because of their skin condition or medical conditions.
The chance of reaction to ink is very unlikely, without meeting you in person I would first ask the following questions:
Have you had a tattoo?
do you dye your hair?
do you wear jewellery?
If yes to any of these questions, I would encourage you to book a free consultation to discuss this procedure further!