I suppose the first question to ask is what is SMP? SMP stands for Scalp Micro Pigmentation, it is where a certified technician implants ink into the dermal layer of one’s scalp to re-create the appearance of a hair follicle / hair strand. Yes, this is a tattoo on your head! But there are differences between tattoo and permanent make up. Slight differences in the ink used for the procedure, and also the application process.

Maria Wu, of Permanent Ink Clinic is a certified SMP specialist in Calgary Alberta, has been trained by Dr. Linda Dixon, president of the American Academy of micropigmentation AMA in Honolulu USA.
Dr. Kirk Barber oversees the SMP procedures in his dermatology practice in Calgary.

Maria highly recommends patients who are interested in filling in their thinning hair or hairline to see her in consultation to find out if they are a good candidate for this treatment.
Also, a test area is highly recommend
“This test area is very informative to both the patient and myself, as it helps him/ her understand the SMP treatment and learn what to expect, during and after the tattoo session. The test is also helpful for me to learn how the ink takes on his / her individual skin type so we get the best results.”
Test areas are generally completed in 20 minutes with the use of topical anesthetics.
The patient would wait 3 to 4 weeks to see the results, then book the actual full scalp procedure to be completed shortly after.

When SMP is done right, the results can be amazing! It creates a 2D hair replica and covers enough of the bald or thinned out hairline. it is truly not noticeable to anyone unless they are looking closely at the area. Looks like real hair!

Appointments can be made online now through www.pinkclinic.ca or call 5872334096 Maria can also be reached directly via email Maria@pinkclinic.ca