As much as we all love the look of our eyes when we’ve applied a fresh coast of mascara, this beauty routine can be time consuming and tedious. Not only that, buying good quality mascara month after month adds up! And unless you apply hard to remove waterproof mascara, your mascara will wash off once you hop in the pool, or take a dive into the ocean.

Others have turned to eyelash extensions to get the long, full look they want. While effective, and aesthetically pleasing, the maintenance of eyelash extensions requires a trip to the salon every few weeks for a fill. With many other commitments and appointments, getting your extensions filled can fall to the bottom of your list of priorities.

For those who want the look of mascara or eyelash extensions, without the nuisance, extra time, and effort, Latisse is the answer. A natural and effective product, Latisse stimulates the growth of new eyelashes. With just a dab of this doctor prescribed medication at night, you can gain lush, long lashes that can’t be replicated by any mascara. It’s a great option for those who are short on time, and also a more permanent solution.

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