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Designing for other artists, such as Maria Wu of PInk Clinic, is a huge honor.

Maria Wu is simply the epitome of class, professionalism, and exquisite beauty. Her background in bridal design naturally lends itself to her fine attention to detail and goal of high quality perfection. Creating a brand for PInk (short for Permanent Ink) meant capturing her business savvy side while still adding a hint of femininity and youthful vigor.

Micropigmentation is the art of tattooing for esthetic purposes: permanent makeup, eyebrows and hairlines, microblading and skin re-pigmentation. While there is a huge clientele for eyeliner that never smudges, Maria wanted to highlight the medical benefits of her services. Cancer patients enduring hair loss or breast reconstruction can use micropigmentation to regain confidence. People with Vitiligo can turn to Maria for skin camouflaging. Doing business alongside a doctor and medical staff adds a unique security and credibility to PInk’s market positioning, but we didn’t want the brand to scream “clinical”.

PInk Clinic