Alopecia is a word that not everyone has heard before. How do you pronounce it? Al-oh-peesh-a. What is it exactly? Well, it is essentially hair loss from any part of the body, due to an autoimmune disorder where the body attacks its own hair follicles.

There are three different varieties of alopecia areata:

1. Localized Alocpecia areata: This is the most common type. It can involve any area of the body in which hair grows. With this variety hair generally disappears in small, round patches. It can get better over time.

2. Alopecia totalis: This variety includes total loss of all hair on the scalp.

3. Alopecia universalis: This type includes the loss of all hair on the scalp, as well as the body.

For many patients the condition will resolve itself over time, but others are not as lucky. For some, it becomes a permanent problem.

So how can alopecia sufferers change their look if they are uncomfortable with their loss of hair? Wigs are the foremost option, but there are other areas of the body, that when hairless, might seem a bit odd to the average person. Eyebrows are one of these areas.  Fortunately, permanent make-up, or micropigmentation, is effective at masking hair loss in patchy eyebrows, and can even be utilized to draw on eyebrows if the hair is completely missing.

If you suffer from hair-loss, or simply wish to create a fuller and more shapely look for your eyebrows, micropigmentation is the perfect option. Book a consultation appointment and find out what can be done to improve your look.