If you take a look at 10 different celebrities, they all have different eyebrow shapes (and almost all have permanent make up). From thick and full Kim Kardashian eyebrows, Angelina Jolie’s high arch to Britney Spears soft angled Eyebrows. Each make a difference in completing the look of the individual. Because we are working with permanent makeup, the eyebrow shape is an extremely important and delicate subject. We have to choose wisely, and choose the right shape before making it “permanent”

Is one eyebrow shape better than the other? Yes of course! Flat eyebrow shorten the face, and the length makes a great difference as well! Basically, man or woman, you want a brow that has somewhat of an arch, and begins and ends on the right place.

First step is to determine your face shape. There are six basic facial shapes, oval, round, long, square, heart and diamond. Of course, we also need to take into account the measurement of your features, as well as if there are any head asymmetry, or “deformities”.
No need to go to the extreme of booking ourselves into the Calgary head shape clinic!
None of us have a symmetrical face or head, some are just more noticeable than others.
Also keep in mind aging and muscle weakness around the eyes, eyelids and forehead area.

When determining the shape of your permanent eyebrows, we need to analyze your face shape with the above-mentioned in mind.
drawing out the eyebrows is the best way to eliminate any miscommunication and also help with the visual aspect of finding that perfect eyebrow shape.

If you have no idea what looks good, it’s always fun to buy a set of stencils and try out the different shapes for a week.
You will notice quickly that there are only a few that would look appealing to you.

Consultations are complementary at permanent ink clinic. So feel free to book a time to spend with Maria and talk about your eyebrow shape. For those that live out of Calgary, you can send your picture to Maria for a email consultation. Maria@pinkclinic.ca

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