I love hair tattooing! I can create beautiful fine hairs that look real on scalp to camouflage balding or thinning hair.
By creating very fine small ‘dots’ on the scalp to replicate a real hair follicle. The key is to use a very fine needle (as fine as an acupuncture needle) and place colour into the dermal layer of the skin. the colour doesn’t have to go very deep to retain colour and achieve natural results! This prevents the procedure from being painful and prevents swelling on the head or skin. This process takes 4 hours to complete a full scalp! You can have the appearance of a full head of hair!

Ink is very important in hair tattooing. Using pigments that do not change colour is extremely important! Permanent Ink Clinic only uses pigment that is guaranteed NOT to change colour. Please feel free to email me if you have more questions. Maria@pinkclinic.ca