Here are details on Tattooing hairs on the crown of scalp / Hair simulation procedure:
Lasts: around 3 years, really depends on each individual. Some need to come back for a touch up at 2 years, some last 5 years.
The colour will fade over time.
The benefit of the pigments will fade ‘true to colour’.  meaning, it will not change to pink, blue or orange! We only use one brand that is regulated in the USA, pigment production and quality controlled though the American Academy of Micropigmetntation (AAM).
Example of our tattoo ink fading over 4 year span:
Black will fade to grey (2-3 years) =  lighter grey (3-4 years) = no colour
Brown  (2-3 years) = light brown (3-4 years) = tan = no colour
Anaesthetics used:
lidocaine and epinephrin
Procedure time: 4 hours
$50 – test area (optional)
$1800.00 – $2700 procedure (if its only the crown, it is $1800, $2700 for crown + hair around it as some people like to make the rest of the scalp more ‘dense’)
touch ups between 4-8 weeks $100 per visit till satisfied)
Here is the online booking link when your ready to come in: