Hair transplant is becoming more popular as technology and skills are refined. There are several surgeons in Calgary that are known for their skill set and successful treatments. Dr. John Gillespie at Gillespie Clinic, Dr. Bobby Sreenivasan at the Hair Rejuvenation Institute of Calgary also Dr. Wayne Perron in his medical practice. The scalp transplant has always been on demand for men and woman with thinning hair, bald or those of suffer from alopecia or other medical conditions that have stripped their hair away. But what about eyebrow transplant? Yes! eyebrow transplant for people with little to no eyebrows (alopecia) can benefit from eyebrow surgery. These cosmetic surgeons will graft either by hand or robotics your natural hair from the back of your head and place them on your eyebrows to create a fuller looking brow! Unfortunately, You will need to trim them as they will keep growing long like the hair on your scalp.

For those that are not ready for hair transplant, there are other alternatives to having eyebrows or a fuller looking head of hair. Men and woman have been referred by their family physician and friends to Permanent Ink Clinic for their hair stroke technique. This new permanent cosmetic procedure will create a 2D hair replication on your brows or scalp to create a beautifully fuller looking head of hair, or a natural brow shape. It looks so natural that men and woman will chose to do this before investing into a more invasive procedure such as hair transplant surgery or eyebrow transplant surgery. It is also a great combination for those who already have had the transplant surgery to give that little fullness and complete the look. Permanent hair stokes are also great for camouflaging the hair transplant scars. It does require colour touch up every few years as unlike traditional tattoos, permanent cosmetic procedures do not last forever.

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