Why Choose PInk Clinic?

Receive gold standard patient care and more…

  • Clean clinical environment and safe practice policy
  • On-site medical team of dermatologist and nurse
  • Natural non colour-changing ink
  • State of the art equipment
  • After hours post-procedure support
  • Continued member of American Academy of Micropigmentation

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Micropigmentation is also known as medical tattooing, permanent makeup and permanent cosmetics. It is a non-surgical procedure that implants colored pigments into the dermis (middle layer) of the skin through microscopic injections with an extremely fine needle or a cluster of needles.

Anyone! Men and woman of all age and ethnicity benefit from this easy procedure!
Some common reasons are:

  • Want to look good 24/7 – wake up with makeup.
  • Convenience – improve daily lifestyle and save time.
  • Hair loss – alopecia.
  • Loss of pigment – vitiligo.
  • Have bad vision or unsteady hands.
  • Live an active lifestyle, involved in sports activities, and don’t like sweating off makeup.
  • Asymmetrical features and want to even out areas (i.e. balance lips, eyebrows, droopy eyes).
  • Oily skin that cause makeup to smudge and wear off quickly.
  • Allergies to cosmetics.
  • Our equipment complies with all relevant health and safety requirements.
  • All needles are disposable, sterile and of the highest quality.
  • Sterilization and hygiene is of the utmost importance before, during, and after the treatment.
  • All procedures are preformed in the minor surgery rooms within the medical clinic.
  • Dr. Barber is happy to offer his medical advice to our patients whom have medical concerns.
  • PInk Clinic only uses ink controlled and managed by one singular company who maintains high quality control and active research studies.
  • No pigment is FDA approved for tattoos. Both organic and inorganic pigments may be used to achieve the desired color. We keep a record of ink and equipment used in each patients private chart.
  • Our patients have access to the clinic nursing line for post procedure assistance.
  • MRI safe. There have been reports of temporary tingling, redness, and swelling for woman with eyeliner tattoos.

Using a pain scale of 1-10 (1 = no pain and 10 = extremely painful)
Average patients rate the pain level at 2

Levels of discomfort vary upon each individual’s pain threshold, but the sensation can be compared to tweezing or tingling. New topical anesthetic have been developed especially for micropigmentation. These creams and gels are used before and during treatment to assure the most comfortable experience possible.

It is common to hear from patients, “This is not as painful as I expected!”

If you worry about pain, you can purchase a over the counter medication to ‘pre-numb’ the treated area. Please contact us if you are concerned about the procedure or want more information.

The clinic is open Monday to Friday 9:00 to 5:00pm
Procedures are offered Monday to Friday beginning at 9:00am and last appointment booked at 2:00pm – the most up to date availability will be listed in the online booking link

Please view our price list online.
The same link will bring you to booking an appointment.

Maria Wu is the only micropigmentation specialist at PInk Clinic. Maria has been performing permanent make up procedures full-time since 2010 See her profile here.

We are typically pre booked 4-5 weeks. Please begin your search from 4 weeks today to find availability. There is also the option of being on a cancellation list. Here is the link to making an appointment.

If you are certain that you would like permanent make up, there is no need to book a separate consultation appointment! Just book the procedure online as consultation time is built into every visit. *Exception* If you wish to receive scalp micropigmentation, you need to book a test area visit first.

Our popular Eyebrow Hairstroke procedure is typically preformed with with a microblade.

PInk Clinic’s signature Microblading technique provides the most natural looking results by drawing hair like strands into the skin. We will not remove your existing eyebrow hairs to perform the treatment. This procedure typically requires one visit to complete and requires a color boost in 1-3 years. At that time, we offer touch ups to our own patients a reduced rate.

Absolutely not! Micropigmentation uses a different technique than a tattoo artist would. You will have soft, natural-looking results. The color pigments are customized for your specific skin tone. Permanent makeup actually appears more natural-looking than applied make-up because you will form a layer of skin over the ‘ink’.

Permanent make up is not intended to replace cosmetics completely. But it does promote better lifestyle and allows you to ‘roll out of bed’ and run to the grocery store without looking like your still sleeping. Or dip in and out of the pool in Mexico without checking if your makeup is running down your face. Enhancing your natural beauty!

Permanent make up is ‘long lasting’. A natural fading process may happen 1 year to 10 years from your first procedure. As you become accustomed to the new look and convenient lifestyle of permanent make up, it is not uncommon to want more. You will likely want to freshen the color every 1-3 years. Touch ups are offered at a discounted rate for our patients.

Because it is easy to add color and difficult to take away, one should always be more conservative with the initial procedure. However, if we have to remove, the process is easy.

We will begin the visit with a consultation discussing health concern, education of treatment and desired outcome of shape and color.

Topical anesthetics is applied to your skin for 20 minutes prior to the procedure. You will be reclined for majority of the treatment and asked to sit up multiple times throughout to ensure we are on the way to creating a perfect masterpiece together. Maria will ask you for your opinion throughout the consultation and the procedure.

The treated area will be darker/ brighter with a slight reddish tint for 5 – 7 days. You will be fully recovered and see the final results in 4 weeks.

It is not uncommon to have to return for a touch up. If you feel you need one, please book online.

Ideally, we would like to achieve the desired results in one single visit and eliminate trauma to the skin. But because we are working on the human body, all permanent cosmetics should be considered a multiple session process.
If the results are not perfect after 4 weeks from your last procedure, please book a touch up treatment as soon as possible.*Touch up appointments booked between 4-8 weeks post procedure are offered at a rate of $50.00 until satisfied.

The average percentage of patients requiring a touch up in 4 weeks post procedure is as follows:Eyebrow Hairstrokes – 20% of patients require a touch upEyebrow Shadowing – 80% of patients require a touch upEyeliner – 40% of patients require touch upLip Color – 40% of patients require touch upSkin Camouflaging – 50% of patients require a touch upAreola – 15% of patients require a touch up

It is normal for you to notice the color and shape change as the skin sheds. Most people question the results around day 4-6 post treatment as this is when the skin begins to peel.
Regardless of what it looks like now, we must wait 4 weeks from your procedure date to safely add ink to the area.

Skin requires 4 weeks to heal and full results are not visible till then. Please follow the aftercare instructions that were given to you the day of the procedure.
To be proactive, you are welcome to book a 4-8 week touch up visit online and cancel closer to the date if you feel results are satisfactory by then.

Yes! Makeup can be worn after the second day of the procedure. Please keep the makeup brushes clean and use fresh / new make up in order to prevent infections.

Scar camouflaging is a very popular procedure at PInk Clinic and we have consistent referrals from plastic surgeons. It is recommended you come no earlier than 8 weeks post-surgery. It typically requires multiple sessions but the results are impressive. Please book a consultation appointment to find out if you would be a good candidate for this treatment.
Alternatively, you may email a photo of the scar to Maria for an email consultation. maria@pinkclinic.ca

If your surgeon / family doctor has refereed you to Permanent Ink Clinic for treatment, please connect with us to ensure we have received the referral form. You may pre book an appointment online while the paperwork is being processed within our office.
(Turnaround time is typically 2 weeks) Maria can be reached via email: maria@pinkclinic.ca

Scalp micropigmentation results look amazing on SOME individuals. For this reason, we require all patients to book a consultation/ test area before making a decision. Maria will not perform this procedure unless she is confident the results will look natural.

If you set up a log in name and password, you can cancel your appointment online. Otherwise, please email maria@pinkclinic.ca or call 403-286-4263 as soon as possible. To avoid the cancellation fee, appointments must be cancelled before 72 hours of your appointment.