Tattooing over the inner rims of the upper or lower eyelids (waterline) is a easy way to create those sexy eyes celebrities like Selena Gomez have.  

The procedure is as simple as a regular eyeliner tattooing, but it requires special attention and a very experienced technician with steady hands! Eyeliner tattoo complications are usually caused by inexperienced technicians. 

Intricately placing the ink in the right areas to deposit color covering the white lines of the eyelid, also brushing outwards and between the lashes. 

This procedure takes longer than a regular eyeliner tattoo, and it may require another touchup or two after the initial procedure. (Depending on each individual) Here is a photograph of upper eyeliner on waterline and the lash line. PInk Clinic specializes in permanent cosmetic tattooing with inks that do not change color!
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