During your consultation, we will discuss any medical conditions that may prevent you from receiving treatment. Then decide what outcome you wish to have, do you want a make up look? as though you drew your eyebrows in with a colour pencil? or do you wish to have a natural look? as though your real hairs have some shape to them?

before we tattoo your eyebrows, Maria will draw the shape of the eyebrows with a makeup pencil for your approval.

Ink colour will be customized to suit your skin tone. Keeping in mind each individuals skin colour and undertones.   Topical anesthetic cream will be applied to prevent discomfort before and throughout the procedure. You will be laying down or semi-reclined for the majority of the treatment.

You may experience some tenderness around the eyebrows for one hour after the procedure. Cold compress will help relieve any discomfort.   Do not wash the area for 24 hours, moisturize with post-care-balm or a light moisturizer to relieve discomfort.  

Permanent Eyebrows will look slightly darker for one week, this can easily be covered with make up powder / foundation.  The dark colour will slowly ‘flake or peel’ off after 1 week, DO NOT PICK OR PEEL it off yourself! Keep moisturizing the area to prevent itching and scratching. After the brows are fully peeled, they may appear lighter before the true colour comes out from under the healed skin.  If its not perfect by the third week, call the clinic to book a touch up appointment in 4 weeks.