This afternoon, a beautiful strawberry blonde hair woman in her early 50s walked in to the clinic to see me, 

She wiped her makeup off and showed me her dark blue-black uneven eyebrows and explained to me that not long ago, she had her eyebrows tattooed in Calgary. She thought she was receiving eyebrow hairstrokes, but the results turned dark and smudgy. 

Within a few months, her eyebrows turned blue. That is when she decided to book an appointment with our clinic to find out options on how to correct them.     Today I used a dark brown ink to reshape the eyebrows, then I followed up with short hair strokes all over using a golden brown.  

I’m hopeful that the golden brown will soften the color and hopefully eliminate the blue tint in her old eyebrows.

This is a hard lesson learned, even though she did her research and looked at photo albums, the results were not what she wanted (nor did it look good) she said she had a feeling when she walked in that things were not going to go right. Unfortunately she didn’t listen to your instincts and ended up with an bad eyebrow tattoo that will last her a lifetime. 

She will likely have to come back every year to draw brown hair strokes over these blue eyebrows. But I suppose, time will tell! 

Maria –  Pink Permanent Ink Clinic Calgary

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