Hi PInk Clinic.
I spoke to some tattoo artists in Calgary, some say they use organic tattoo pigments, and some say they use iron oxides. I want to make sure the ink you use is the safest and organic. Please advise – Arnold
Hello Arnold
Vegetable dyes are not natural. They are synthetic organic pigments used to dye vegetables artificially to brighter colors. They are used to make oranges look MORE orange. To make margarine look yellow, like butter. But they are far from natural. The most natural pigments we can use at PInk Clinic are iron oxides. Pigments found in vegetables in nature are not used in permanent makeup. Spinach, carrots and beets are colorful but not useful for tattooing. 

Inorganic Pigments, Iron oxides – lack a carbon molecule and are therefore “inorganic”. Iron oxides in nature are often found in association with toxic metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, antimony and selenium. Therefore, the FDA has regulated cosmetic colorants so the level of toxic metal present are below certain percentages in order to be used safely. 

Organic pigments are commonly marketed as “vegetable dyes”, and mislead consumers and many technicians to believe they are “natural”. But they are not.  Therefore, whether a color is organic or inorganic does not determine the safety of that color.  “bright” colors are organic in origin and earth colors are inorganic. I personally chose to use our specific pigment because they use kosher ingredients for their dispersal agents and are only manufactured in the USA, there are lots of tattoo ink made in india and china which MAY lack quality control. A risk PInk Clinic is not willing to take due to possible colour changing and allergic reactions.   

Whether it is for hair simulation on the scalp, eyebrow hair strokes, eyeliner or lip colour, permanent ink clinic only uses ONE brand to maintain quality control within our own permanent cosmetic practice. I hope that clears things up a little for you Arnold. you can find more information on our website www.pinkclinic.ca – Thank you