Hi, I have read about this scalp pigmentation procedure, what kind of results in hair tattoo are you achieving?  I currently wear a hairpiece and am tired of the maintenance.    Is it something I could have done and still wear the hairpiece occasionally until I am comfortable? I worry it will look fake.

Permanent Ink Clinic answers,

Thank you for your inquiry. Results have been very consistent and really looks fantastic!
With the refined tools that recently hit the US and Canadian market, we are now able to create a ‘hair stubble’ look by placing a very thin dot of colour under the skin to make it look like a 3D hair follicle. You can have the look of a full head of hair.
You can definitely wear a headpiece after you receive treatment anytime you want.  Most patients continue to wear their headpiece during the transition and healing process, which is around 3-4 weeks.
I would recommend a consultation and test area to give you an idea of your individual outcome. I will place the ink in an area you can see, (Temple or just above the ear)    I find a test area helps educate us to understand what to expect and how the colour will look etc..
 We can monitor the results together and follow up in 3 weeks for the full scalp procedure if you like the results.
The test area will include removal of the ink at no cost to you after 4 weeks, should you decide not to go ahead with the treatment.
You can book your scalp pigmentation appointment online now!

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