Redness, swelling, itching, hive-like break-outs and watery-eyes are just some of the symptoms that those allergic to cosmetics suffer. These allergies can be annoying, irritating, and sometimes painful, not to mention interfere with sufferers’ daily life. Additionally, it can hinder allergy sufferers from wearing make-up and applying cosmetics to enhance their looks. Shockingly, 10% of the population will experience allergies or irritation due to cosmetic products.

There are two types of allergic reactions that can occur due to cosmetic products:

Irritant contact dermatitis
-More common, can occur in anyone
-Occurs when irritating/harsh substance damages the skin
-Causes itchy, scaly skin, or red rash
-Occurs at the site of contact

Allergic contact dermatitis
-Occurs when an individual is allergic to a specific ingredient(s)
-Can cause face, lips, eyes, ears, and neck to be affected with hives, redness, and swelling

These reactions can occur separately or as a mixed reaction of both irritation and allergic. Allergic or irritant reactions can occur immediately after the application of a cosmetic or over a longer period of use. In fact, people can develop allergic sensitivity to a product even after using it for years!

The only real way to treat allergies to a cosmetic product is to cease using it. So, what to do if you’re allergic, yet still wish to have a freshly made-up look?

Permanent make-up, or micropigmentation is a great solution for those who can’t wear traditional types of make-up. Following a one-time procedure, you’ll have natural looking  permanent make-up which can be used to enhance eyebrows, eyes, and lips. Cosmetic allergies can be a non-issue with permanent make-up as a solution!