PInk Permanent Ink Clinic is the premier provider of permanent makeup in southern Alberta.  

Elite industry standards such as 

Clinical Environment 
Sterile equipment 
Safe, Non-color changing ink
Onsite medical staff

Dr. Kirk Barber and Maria Wu have established a cosmetic tattoo clinic in Victoria park by the Calgary stampede. 

Most common tattoos requested are the cosmetic procedures such as eyebrow enhancements and eyeliner.
Eyebrow tattoo has been in rage this past couple years because of the fine Crisp hair strokes that look like your natural eyebrow hairs
Eyeliner can be done in a way that it enhances your lash line or as dark as a liquid eyeliner or smoky eyeshadow. 
Lip treatments enhance and re shape to create fuller lips, or just fill in with a new shade of choice. 
“we believe that permanent cosmetics should be done in a way that it’s subtle and feature enhancing.  No one should notice you have tattooed makeup”- Maria Wu 
“Permanent Makeup has had a bad reputation in the past, just like Tattoo Artists, it’s very dependant on the technician and the quality of the ink used.  It’s important to chose a trusted and reputable place for top quality, SAFE permanent cosmetics” Dr. Kirk Barber 
Top questions asked; 
Does it hurt? 
we use anesthetics in our clinic to make it comfortable.
Everyone’s body’s are built different, some feel a pinch and some feel nothing. No one has ever given up during a procedure. 
How long does it last? 
Average return to pink clinic in 3 years for a color boost. 
Is it going to change to blue or pink like I see my coworker have? 
No!!! We use the best ink in the market to date that will not change color! Guaranteed by the physicians that formulated the product.
Photographs of our latest work can be found: