Micropigmentation, AKA permanent make up and medical tattooing is a great option for post cleft lip and cleft pallet repair.  It begins when lip augmentation surgery ends.    With the use of safe medical grade non colour changing inks, Maria Wu will place a small amount of ink in the perfect places to give the appearance of a symmetrical lip shape and also hide surgical scars.   Plastic surgeons and cleft lip clinic’s in Calgary, Medicine Hat, Edmonton, Banff and Lethbridge Alberta continue to refer their patients to PInk Clinic for cleft lip ‘repair’.    Maria will begin by drawing the lip shape and chose the perfect natural lip colour. This procedure is suitable for men and woman because of the natural colours available. Men who wish to camouflage their cleft surgical scar can choose between skin camouflaging or hair follicles to replicate the moustache or facial hair.  Anaesthetics are applied before and during the procedure to maintain comfort. The procedure itself if typically 45 minutes in length.      As technology increases, we are now able to create amazing results with little to no discomfort. The colour lasts around 3 years. PInk Clinic is accepting referrals from First Calgary Oral Surgery , Calgary Cleft Palate Clinic, Plastic Surgeons , Smile train Canada and Operation Smile , All Children and teens in Canada receive Free Cosmetic Cleft Repair through the PInk Outreach Clinic.

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