I was born with cleft palate, I have undergone numerous surgeries, Botox and fillers to try to fix the shape and create some symmetry. I heard that permanent lip color can help. What can you do for me with permanent make up?

Hello________, permanent cosmetics is a safe treatment that can create what lip stick, botox and fillers cannot! It can give you color and lip shape in the most intricate places to create a seamless shape. No smearing or wiping off lip makeup and provide you 24/7 coverage.

During our consultation, we will go over the different lip shapes that will best suit your natural face structure. This takes some time as we need to take in to account scar tissue and the existing shape.

Once we have spent the time to perfect the shape, the procedure is 45 mintues in length! the color will last you +-3 years. After permanent make up treatment, Many men and woman no longer have fillers or botox treatments, as the permanent lip color has achieved the desired look.
Permanent makeup is amazing because it is placing a natural lip color under the skin, the skin that grows over the color helps soften the look so that it doesn’t appear painted on. So many benefits, I still strongly believe it is the best way to go before going for plastic surgery again. Many physicians and plastic surgeons have been referring patients to Permanent Ink Clinic for lip color augmentation