The past three years, we have noticed an increase of men and women coming to our clinic to fix poorly done / bad permanent make up work.  
Inexperienced technicians showing them photographs of scalp (SMP) eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip make up tattoo but results from the service look nothing like what they are shown or promised. 

These patients are not only spending more time and money fixing the problem created, they also lose trust in the “professionals”, which make it difficult for the individual fixing the bad work. 
2015, Our insurance premium has increased significantly this year. Nearly double of last years premium!

Of course we inquired the reason as we’ve never put a claim through our insurance, we would assume we would not be affected with such a large rate increase.

Our insurance adjuster response: ‘as per carrier’s stipulations due to the overwhelming increase in risk and claims from Micropigmentation. The carrier was actually going to drop this program completely and we would not have been able to offer any coverage for Micropigmentation. The only way that we were allowed to keep it is by applying the increase.’

This is really disappointing to those permanent makeup artists who are effected by the increase, but also patients who are suffering from going to the ‘wrong place’ for their permanent Make up needs.
I write this note in hopes to help educate (and warn) those who are deciding if they would like to have permanent make up.- please do your research!

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