Best place to go for permanent makeup in Calgary!We can’t thank Albertans enough for the support and confidence in Permanent Ink Clinic! 

Since the eyebrow hair stroke revolution came to Canada, The demand of permanent cosmetics have increased.

Maria Wu, Micro pigmentation specialist of PInk Clinic in Calgary, Alberta performs between 30-40 eyebrows treatments a month.
The numbers in 2010 were averaged at 18-20 eyebrow tattoo, 19-21 eyeliner tattoo, and 5-6 lip tattoos.  
Why this permanent eyebrow rage? Besides the fact that Fuller eyebrows have become a fashion ‘must have’, people are noticing brows on others and themselves more. (Thanks to Hollywood) 

The hairstroke procedure is perfect for fair haired individuals, blondes and red heads are happily receiving eyebrow tattoo without anyone noticing! 

Woman making a visit to our clinic during her lunch break for a quick eyebrow enhancement, and walking right back into work for a one on one meeting. This procedure is revolutionary with no downtime.
Time and time again, we receive emails and letters from individuals thanking us for changing their life in this little way. Saves time in the morning, freedom to jump in the swimming pool, and just looking good all the time! Best place to have permanent make up is PInk Clinic! 
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