Looking for eye makeup that doesn’t smudge or smear? Permanent eyeliner is the answer to eye make up dilemmas! Promising perfect eyeliner day and night! and no more runny eye make up!   Calgary permanent ink clinic provides permanent eyeliner procedures daily since 2009. ThisCalgary  based clinic specializes in permanent Make-up application such as eyebrows, eyeliner and lip color tattoo. 

Permanent Eyeliner is for everyone! But especially beneficial to those with makeup allergies or ‘oily eyelids’ who have a difficult time with runny cosmetics.  To some, it’s also considered a preventative measure for those with thin skin and worried about  wrinkles around that area.   

The tattoo procedure takes 45 minutes to complete.  At Permanent ink clinic, we use the best topical anesthetic on the market! Please book the free consultation to learn more!