Find the best permanent make up specialist in Calgary? There are several places to choose from when you’re seeking permanent makeup, (also known as micropigmentation, cosmetic tattooing, or permanent cosmetics)   The procedure is a nonregulated service. Meaning anyone with a hand and a tattoo pen can perform this procedure for you!  This is extremely unfortunate, but it is reality.  You have a lot of choices, but very few people have the skills set to master the art of micropigmentation.  It is important to find the right technician, one with the right tools and ink to perform this procedure for you. Permanent ink clinic has been the number one choice for Albertans since 2009.

Dr. Kirk Barber and Maria Wu have worked together to create a standardized procedure for permanent cosmetics to be performed within the dermatology clinic in Victoria Park Calgary.   Disposable needles, clean clinical environment, non-color changing ink and a safety treatment procedure are only a few of the reasons why they have been Calgarys top choice for Permanent eyeliner, permanent eyebrows, and lip color since they added this procedure to their practice in 2009

They also offer free treatment to teens and children who battle alopecia and vitiligo. Call the clinic to find out more 5872334096 or