This review is long overdue as I flew into Calgary at the recommendation of my surgeon in Beverly Hills fall of 2015. Permanent Ink Clinic was worth the trip (also a great excuse to visit another Canadian city) The clinic is immaculate. Greeting staff and reception were friendly and welcoming. Maria is a doll, friendly and cheerful. She was so careful and meticulous in drawing my make up. I expected to feel some pain, but I did not feel any more than a light scratch. The eyebrows are my favourite and so beautiful. I receive compliments on them all the time. My eyeline looks perfect. I experienced some swelling on my lips the next day, but it only looks like I had filler heehee the ladies were jealous. The make up still looks fresh and I feel beautiful every minute of the day. Thank you Pink Clinic. 
Thank you Alley for taking the time to review our clinic and your experience. Look forward to seeing you in Calgary once again.

permanent ink clinic