Molly and her husband of 50 years came to see me today, we met 2 years ago when I first preformed eyebrow tattoo procedure on her.     4 months ago, Molly suffered two back to back strokes which affected the entire left side of her body. Fortunately her husband witnessed the very first attack and called 911 within minutes of the incident.

Today, She was still the cheerful woman I knew but it was apparent that she had physically been through a traumatic shock and was very weak on one side of her body. 
While I touched up her eyebrows, they shared with me Mollys road to recovery.   Her husband proudly said, “when your sick in the hospital, dignity is compromised. I knew that was important to Molly so I made sure I plucked out any white eyebrow hairs I could find and I also painted her nails”       

My heart sank as I felt the love he had for her. Looking at her hot pink nails i responded with “Molly! you must have felt so beautiful!” 

Molly nods, “yes, and I left the hospital with a moustache and long leg hair” 

We laughed. These two are truly blessed 
Maria Wu  Calgary, Alberta 

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