Hi Pink Clinic,
I spoke with someone regarding the possibility of getting a lip liner procedure similar to the eye brow procedure.
I have a pacemaker so a laser or any electrical stimulation would be out of the question for me, but again was told there was a procedure where colour was not permanent but lasted 3-5 years.
I am sorry I don’t know the name of the procedure but it is not a tattoo more a permanent dye???
I would appreciate any information you can give in regards to this procedure.
Thank you,

PInk Clinic’s response:

Hello Molly
Thank you for your inquiry,

By definition, all the procedures are tattoo’s. Because ink is placed in the first few layers of the skin to enhance/add color.

I hope my explanation can help:

The process for eyebrows are with a hand tool, similar to a little comb with sharp bristles, I would ‘brush’ color into the skin manually

The procedure for lip liner is with a rotary machine, using a cluster of needles that ‘prick’ the skin and place color in the first few layers

Both procedures place ink into the same shallow depth, leaving you approximately 1-3 years of retention. Lip color last longer because the machine allows us to place more ink with each ‘prick’ than the eyebrow procedure would. The lip procedure is generally safe for people with Pacemakers, (of course, each person is unique and safety should come first, please chat with your doctor prior) the machine I use is very delicate and creates a gentle vibration, similar to a electric razer or electric face brush.

Please feel free to connect with me again should you have further questions,

Maria Wu

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