Hello Pink Clinic, I have some bald spots on the back of my head due to alopecia. I have areas that would grow back after some time, but there are a couple areas either being very slow or not growing hair anymore. I was thinking about possibly getting scalp micro pigmentation done. If I were to go this route, when would be your next available appointment?

Thank you,

Hello George,
Thank you for your inquiry.
This is definitely a service that is popular! If you are requiring coverage for small sporadic areas, a test area is not necessary as approx 60% of patients require one visit to achieve desired results. If you require a touch up, then it is $150.0 till we are satisfied.

The ink lasts between 1-5 years. (typically begins fading in 2 years)

Please view availability online here: permanent-ink-clinic.genbook.com (booking in July) and feel free to email should you have more questions.

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Maria at Permanent Ink Clinic

Book your appointment online Here: permanent-ink-clinic.genbook.com
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