Hi Maria,

I was hoping you could answer a question for me regarding the Microblading. Since it is ink under the skin, how permanent is the color?

I ask as I am 45 years old and have been cover my grey hair roots for more than 10 years. Eventually my eyebrows will no longer be dark brown. What happens then? Will I have unsightly, dramatic eyebrows compared to my hair color?

– Calgary

Hello Lina

This is a very common inquiry!
My specific eyebrow microblading technique result should last between 1-5 years. Typically most patients retain good color for a year or two before fading. You will need to return for ‘annual’ touch ups to freshen the color. At that time, we can compliment the ink color of choice to your existing hair and eyebrow color.

If you are going grey, we can explore adding some ‘highlights’ or lowlights to the brow and subtly lighten them, or adjust the shades of browns to prepare for the future hair color. – There are lots of options!

I hope that answers your question!

Maria Wu

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