Hi Maria. I had my eyebrows microbladed out of a home business on Sunday (5 days ago) I am experiencing an allergic reaction to possibly the ink. The family physician I saw at the walk in clinic last night gave me a topical steroid cream and oral antibiotics to try.
My skin is VERY itchy and I am scared… I am wondering if you any recommendations for me as how to proceed. You specialize in Eyebrow microblading and permanent make up so I thought you would be a good person to contact.


Hi Jill

For infections, You want to look out for the three P’s “persistent puss, pain”

The only way to stop allergy is removing the ink from the skin.
At this point, you are already 5 days post procedure. The cream you are applying is likely going to remove a lot of the ink from your skin – which is good if you are having an allergic reaction!

But if you continue to feel itching in 3 days, I would recommend you see your doctor again and explore other options such as excising the ink. I have a few plastic surgeons I could recommend should this be the route we have to take.

Allergy to legitimate permanent make up ink is extremely rare. but sadly there are a lot of counterfeit products available that cause reactions.

I appreciate you seeking my advise, however without seeing you and knowing more information, I cannot give you any specific direction as to how to proceed. I suggest booking a consultation with me if you continue to feel itchy.. we can go from there.
Hope that helps!

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