Hi Maria

I have Xanthelasmas, Would you be able to cover it with micropimentation tattoo?


Hi Lorraine.

Have you tried the creams or other more permanent removal treatments? I ask you this because micro pigmentation results last around 2 years. It would be ideal to find longer lasting options. – What are your thoughts on this?
In regards to your inquiry, I can go over the areas for you to camouflage the skin after physician approval.

There are a few points to consider when going over these areas.
-The skin is different than other areas of your skin. It may increase your chance of needing touch ups, (which increase visit time and cost)
To give you an idea of cost structure. If your looking at skin color camouflage, the cost will be around $250 for the first visit, then its $100 each visit after.
-light to dark is ideal (verses trying to make it lighter)
-it may soften the area, but it won’t change the texture. it will only change the color.
I hope this gives you a good idea of micro pigmentation over areas such as xanthelasmas.
Please feel free to email again, or book a visit with me to discuss further. Would love to help with what I can www.pinkclinic.ca

Thank you


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